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Dual Booting Fedora and Windows 7

I purchased a new Toshiba NB305 netbook this week (in Blue to match Fedora).  It came with Windows 7 Starter Edition, the one that’s been slightly stripped down.  My intention was to dual-boot Fedora 12 and Windows 7, so I used the Fedora 12 Unity DVD I downloaded the weekend before, burned it to a …

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Fedora Kernels and Package Cleanup

If you want to clean off old kernels on your system, do this as root: Change /etc/yum.conf – find this:installonly_limit=3 change to:installonly_limit=2 save Next, run ‘package-cleanup –oldkernels’ This will remove old kernel and kernel-devel packages based on the value of the‘installonly_limit=’ option. This will keep two kernels installed at any one time instead of three. …

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