Home Movies Season 2 DVD Set

After good sales of Season One, Home Movies Season Two is set for release on May 10th from Shout! Factory.

Home Movies Season 1 DVD Nov. 16th

That’s right, the Home Movies Season 1 DVD collection is set to be released on November 16th, 2004. There will be commentary, some of Brendon Small’s real home movies, and more. More information can be found on Brendon Small’s website at http://www.brendonsmall.com.

OLUG InstallFest

The Omaha Linux User Group (OLUG) is presenting their second InstallFest of 2004 on Saturday, July 17th from Noon until 6 pm. All are welcome to come and learn about Linux. If you wish to bring a PC to install Linux onto, please RSVP here. Please visit the OLUG website for more information and directions.

New Blog Software

I have changed the software that runs my web log to WordPress (www.wordpress.org). There are a few quirks that I am still working out.

Formula 1 US Grand Prix

We got back on Monday from the Formula 1 US Grand Prix in Indianapolis. Great weather and sights made for a good time. Also spent some time with family. Pictures from the F1 and support series are available at http://www.levania.org/~relayer/photos/motorsport/usgp2004/

Home Movies

Sadly, after many years on Adult Swim, Home Movies has ended. If you have never seen this show, you missed some of the most intelligent comedy on cable. The show remained true to itself until the end.

For more information, visit: http://homemovies.toonzone.net
(caution: spoilers)

Visit Brendon’s Site:
Brendon Small

There is a petition to save Home Movies Petition

Formula 1 2004

The 2004 Formula 1 season has started. Check out www.formula1.com for more information!

The Morpo Review

Enjoy reading? Visit The Morpo Review at http://www.morpo.com. It’s a literary magazine edited by some friends of mine.

Formula 1 US Grand Prix

Plans are coming together for our trip to Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix September 28th. I am looking forward to it!


MythTV is a DVR/PVR project that runs under Linux. It uses a TV card, MySQL Database, and a TV-Out from your PC to record and play TV programs, MP3 files, downloaded videos, MAME/NES/SNES games and just a bit more!

For Information, visit www.mythtv.org