Spent time last weekend in Atlanta for my cousin Jennifer’s wedding. While we were there, we visited the World of Coca-Cola. An interesting place.

LCD Monitor

It turns out that the Viewsonic 22inch LCD I ordered had a bad screen.  It arrived on via UPS on Friday, December 28th.  Unfortunately, there was an entire row out in the middle of the screen.  I have returned it to Newegg for RMA replacement, and it’s expected to arrive this coming Wednesday. 

Christmas == New PC

I’m finally ordering a new PC.  My current machine (Athlon XP 1.5 GHz, 512MB RAM, Abit KA-7 motherboard) has been around for a long time.  Sure, I have upgraded certain components of it since 2002 such as the AGP card, added USB2/Firewire, and hard drives, but now it’s time to update the desktop once and for all.  I’ll be getting a 2.3GHz Intel Core 2 Duo (65W) with 2 GB RAM on a Intel G31 chipset motherboard – ASUS P5KPL-VM.  All drives (Optical and HD) will be SATA.  New case, new power supply – all geared to be quieter than my last desktop.  The Antec Solo case will have a 120mm case fan, plus the two fans in the Seasonic S12 II power supply, should make it pretty quiet.  My old case is a Antec Performance with 4 80mm fans, two in the Seasonic S12 power supply.  And finally, I’ll be updating the 19″ CRT to a 22″ LCD Viewsonic with a 2ms response.  It should be a worthwhile upgrade.

Parking for Xmas Shopping

Seen at a Target in the Omaha area.  Now there is someone who is not in a hurry.



The Nintendo Wii comes out on Sunday, November 19th.  The Wii’s unique controller, gameplay, and price make it an attractive choice for the holidays.

Home Movies Season 4 is out!

The final volume of Home Movies was released on May 16th. The DVD set includes a CD Soundtrack of Brendon Small’s music. Definately worth it to finish your collection. As always, information about Home Movies can be found on the Home Movies Supersite. The entire DVD series was released by Shout Factory.

Home Movies Season 3 DVD Set

Home Movies Season 3 DVD set is due out Tuesday, November 15th from Shout Factory. For more information, visit the Home Movies Supersite DVD page.

OLUG Summer Linux InstallFest 2005

The OLUG Summer Linux InstallFest (pdf) for 2005 will be on Saturday, July 16th, from 12:00 PM until 6:00 PM at AIM/Clarkson College on 44th and Douglas.

Fedora Core 4 scheduled for June 13th 2005

Fedora Core 4 is scheduled for release on Monday, June 13th. Bittorrent links should be available here on release day. The Fedora Project Wiki contains documentation related to Fedora Core, The Fedora Project and more.

OLUG Winter InstallFest 2005 Pictures

If you missed the OLUG Winter InstallFest, you can view the picutres online at